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Talent Coins

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How to earn Talent Coins ?
Invite your friend and win
5 Talent Coins

How to earn ?
  • Earn by Uploads : 1 - 4 coins ( approved drawing )
  • Drawing/artwork has your face and holding the work will get more coins
  • Drawing/artwork is detailed, complex etc you will get more coins
  • Judges decission to reward coins is final. no arguments is entertained
  • This is a free platform to showcase your talent so we encourage orginal work
  • Share video of your talent, Earn talent coins : 5 - 10 coins ( based on the content, quality etc )
  • Note : the video should be yours and orginal. If anyone claims then your account will be removed
How to share your video for FEEDO and earn gifts for your talent ?
  • Share your orginal videos on our whatsapp 8050610900 or email [email protected] and earn 5 - 10 coins
  • Video is more informative or creative or quality you will get more more coins ( range is 5 to 10 coins )
  • Any age group can share the video and earn coins
  • Video content should be related to any talent showcase, education, art, craft, science, informative, public speaking, dance, experiments
  • There is no limit to share videos and earning
  • Video should be yours if anyone claims the video ownership then your account will be removed
  • We are platform to encourage talent so dont worry if there is a mistake or funny etc just upload the videos !!!
Something about coins
  • The Talent coins can keep changing from time to time, please keep checking this page.
  • What ever coins already you earn will not change, the change will be applicable from the date of announcement.
  • Talent Coins never expire but BeyondKlasses has the rights to change it, we would try our best not to change.
Prize eligibility
  • PRIZE will be shipped after eligibility check and verifying user.
  • Ensure your enter right email, phone, address in “Profile” section, any wrong information BeyondKlasses is not responsbile.
  • Due to various activities and logistics please allow us enough time to ship your product. We guarantee you will receive your Prize
Redeem Coins
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