Free competition will be conducted every month based on Theme

ONGOING COMPETITION - Free Registration (free entry )

This month the contest is :

CATEGORY 1 - Video Contest ( Likes + Views + Comments ) Drawing/Art/Craft/Singing/Storytelling etc : Video submission

CATEGORY 2 - Image Likes Contest ( Get max likes ) Drawing/Art/Craft : Photo submission

Duration :

1 - 30 JUNE , 2023

BeyondKlasses YouTube channel

The free online Drawing competition is a unique painting, drawing & art competition. It helps to stimulate kids artists, school students, young artists, and senior people to express themselves, share their talent to the world

FREE TALENT SHOW CONTEST JUNE 2023 ( drawing, art/craft, story telling, singing, dancing !! )

Your videos will be uploaded here, please check our channel

Awards :

  • Top 5 winners will get MEMENTOS
  • All Participants will get participations certificates ( E- Certificate )

Below talent videos you can share with us :

  • Coloring / Drawing / Painting
  • Craft / Card Making
  • Singing / Dance / Poem
  • Rhymes / Story Telling
  • Speech / Rangoli / Cooking
  • Any Unique Talent

How to participate CATEGORY 1 - Share your Talent Video - based on drawing/craft etc Only Video ACCEPTED ( Likes + Views + Comments )

    • Ask your friends to like/view/comment your video from 1ST to 30TH JUNE 2023
    • Average of likes/comments/views should be min 100 to qualify for the competition
    • Average of like/view/comment will be counted for deciding the top 5 winners
    • Only one participant per award ( for example even thought the top 5 will be only one person the other 4 will be next 4 top average of likes/comments/views )
    • THEME : You choose any theme
    • The video should be atleast or more than 1 TO 5 minute duration ( Strictly followed )
    • The video should capture making of the YOUR TALENT like drawing, art/craft, story telling, singing
    • The participant face should be visible ( preferred )
    • The video should be orginal, not from any other channel, Video should be recently created
    • Video quality will matter for final selection. Ensure thumbnail etc is good one to get max likes/comments/views
    • Email video to [email protected] ( WHATSAPP will not be accepted )
    • Every video will be reviewed before its uploaded to the channel. please have patience
    • After review by our team we will upload to the Youtube channel BeyondKlasses YouTube channel
    • Every talent video will be rewarded 5–10 coins, redeem coins for gifts in the shop section Shop Section
    • Judges decission is final

Your images/photos will be uploaded here, please check our website


  • Top 5 winners will get MEMENTOS + WINNER E-CERTIFICATE ( min 50 likes to qualify for the competition )
  • Participants who crosses 50 Likes will get participations CERTIFICATE ( E- Certificate )

Below talent photos you can upload to website :

  • Coloring / Drawing / Painting
  • Craft / Card Making
  • Idols
  • Any Unique Talent, capture the photo and share

How to participate CATEGORY 2 : Drawing/Art/Craft Likes ( Get max likes )

    • Ask your friends to like your image from 1ST to 30TH JUNE 2023 ( min 40 likes to qualify for the competition )
    • THEME : You choose any theme
    • Visit All drawings
    • The photo should be drawing or art/craft
    • Only one participant per award ( even thought the top 3 will be one person ) the other 2 will be next 2 top likes
    • Participants should upload the image to website and will be show here : Visit All drawings
    • Every image will reviewed before its approved. please have patience
    • Every approved image will be rewarded 1 - 4 talent coins, redeem coins for gifts in the shop section Shop Section
    • Judges decission is final

Results Announcment

  • Results announcement : Before JULY 5, 2023.
  • Judges decision is final and arguments will NOT be entertained
  • Winners will have to pay 200 Rs for postal, Printing and packing charges
  • E-CERTIFICATES will be sent via email

Participants : 206

Sl No. Registered Name School City


  • Eligibility: Participants of all ages from all across the world are accepted.
  • Canvas layout:the drawing/painting might be vertical or horizontal.
  • Use of media or colour: You can use whatever drawing or painting medium you choose. Watercolor, poster colour, acrylic colour, oil colour, charcoal or pencil shading, pastel Colored pencils, pens and ink, and so
  • What not to do:Do not submit works of digital art or craft. Quotes or slogans should not be written on the picture.
  • Costs: There are no entrance fees. Participation is completely free
  • How to claim prizes: You need to pay a nominal charges of 150 Rs for shipping, packaging charges The gift is absloutely free.

Competition Rules And Regulations

  • We humbly request that all parents encourage their children to make their artwork and help them in every way possible in making artworks for submission to an online drawing competition
  • The final evaluation of the artworks will be handled by the online drawing competition jury. The jury’s decision is final, and no questions or appeals regarding the painting contest’s outcome will be considered
  • Entrants must have their parents’ or guardians’ approval.
  • By entering this contest, the entrant agrees to provide a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, assignable, perpetual, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, edit, publish, and promote creative derivative works.
  • By entering the contest, you agree to the website’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The following factors may cause the entries to be REJECTED:

  • Any undesirable subject matter or copyrighted content appears in your artwork
  • During the participation, you did not provide accurate information.
  • The drawing/painting does not have a clear image.
  • The quality of video should be good. and should be orginal, not repeated, not submitted to any other competition
  • Please do not contribute artwork with violent, drug-related, or adult themes.